After the US Embassy in Ukraine had reopened after three months of the war, talk of sending US Special Forces to Kyiv to guard the US Embassy was reported to be in the works as protection is necessary for US diplomats and US citizens while balancing concerns that the deployment might be seen as an act of war by Russia.

As of writing, no official proposal had been sent to the White House yet. However, reports claim that the Pentagon had been planning to present a plan to the President out of concern for American diplomats in Ukraine, as Kyiv may very well be attacked by long-range Russian missiles.

Preliminary planning is reported to be underway in the Pentagon and the State Department, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that a dozen Special Forces troops could be sent to the US Embassy in Kyiv. Furthermore, the Marines are also being deployed to Ukraine to further bolster security, something that is normal for other US embassies in other parts of the world.

“We are in close touch with our colleagues at the State Department about potential security requirements now that they have resumed operations at the embassy in Kyiv,” Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby said. “But no decisions have been made, and no specific proposals have been debated at senior levels of the department about the return of US military members to Ukraine for that or any other purpose.”