The Petzl Strix IR Headlamp combines incredible quality and function with the ability to have infrared capabilities all in an affordable package. It doesn’t matter if you are an electrician on a construction site  or an Infantryman deployed to a combat zone, a good quality headlamp that can be used in multiple configurations can be a life-saver. Anything that can illuminate your surroundings while leaving both of your hands free is advantageous.

Petzl isn’t a new name in the world of headlamps, in fact we have covered their lamps before. There are several things that make this particular lamp more appealing to military members and law enforcement officials. The Strix comes from the Petzl Tactical Series, and before you roll your eyes about the word Tactical lets look at the facts and the user demographic that Petzl is aiming for. All of the products in the Petzl Tactical series, which includes five different head lamps and a host of rigging equipment, to include ascending and descending climbing gear was design with maximum input from both military and law enforcement personnel.

Now the Petzl Strix isn’t your normal headlamp that you would strap on when you take the dog for a walk or go for a morning jog. The Strix is the headlamp you would be grabbing for if you were going out to do dangerous things in a dangerous place. As we mentioned before, it’s purpose built and has some rather unique features that enhances the users safety and operational effectiveness. There aren’t many headlamps that can say that honestly. So lets look at why we are so excited about the Petzl Strix IR headlamp.

Petzl Strix IR Headlamp: First Look
Bi-Directional rotating head shows all three lights


Model: Petzl Strix IR

Weight: 3.5 Ounces

Battery type: AA (One used)

Length: 3 1/2 ” Long