When I first saw this pic, it jumped out at me and caught my attention. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated by motorcycles, especially dirt bikes. I got my first one at age five and rode it like a madman, scaring the hell out of my mother.  This would have been my boyhood dream come true…I could ride my dirt bike and blast the bad guys at the same time…childhood fantasy fulfilled.

The cool thing that I see today, as an adult (more or less), is that such a thing exists in the form of the Sri Lankan SOF Combat Rider Unit.

combat rider Sri Lanka
A Sri Lankan Combat Rider, part of the Sri Lankan Army Special Forces Regiment. Note the “Combat Rider” and “Special Forces” shoulder tabs. Image taken 7 OCT 2009 by Chamal N. Used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

A Brief on the Sri Lankan Special Forces Regiment


The Special Forces Regiment traces its roots to the formation of the Combat Tracker Team in 1985. Over time, due to the escalating conflict during the Sri Lankan Civil War, the unit was expanded and refined to what is now known as the Special Forces Regiment.


Special Forces candidates undergo a rigorous selection process followed by intense and specialized training. The training includes basic military training, advanced commando techniques, airborne training, counter-terrorism, and jungle warfare, among others. The training regime is known to be physically and mentally demanding.