In movies, plot holes either annoy or confuse the audience. Events conveniently happen in favor of the main character, and help arrives at the very last second when some significant character in the movie is about to die. These things were not realistic… or so we thought.

History and reality, in general, are full of “story” holes that we don’t expect to happen, but they did, and the military world is full of that. Here are some of them.

A Single Russian Tank Holding Off An Entire Troop of Germans

This happened in the Battle of Raseiniai in Lithuania over local river crossings, from June 22 to 27, 1941, which took place in the early parts of the German invasion of the Soviet Union called Operation Barbarossa.

On June 24, German troops spotted a lone Soviet Union tank on their territory that the locals reported they had seen arrive the night prior. The Germans believed this marked the beginning of an attack, but the tank was not moving. It was just sitting silently. The Germans waited anxiously until the Soviet KV tank fired at an approaching German supply convoy.