Living in such a wired world, it’s hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. It’s become so bad that I’ve seen friends act like heroine junkies in need of a “fix” when accidentally leaving their iPhone at home for the day. EnerPlex is an innovative company with several products geared for the electronic junkie that’s on-the-go. The company offers portable power solutions, batteries, solar panels and even backpacks with integrated solar panels. Not all of these products are just for the mobile consumer, there are several military, tactical and hunting applications as well.

I first received the EnerPlex Kickr IV which is a rugged yet flexible portable solar charger. The company advertises that it will charge devices as quickly as an outlet so I was a little skeptical. Years ago, I had used a Brunton solar charger on a kayak expedition that took longer to charge my AA batteries than to grow a full beard. I quickly put the charger into play while golfing with my son to see what this panel was capable of. My iPhone 6 battery status was 22% when we first teed off. Additionally, we like to stream music to a portable speaker while playing which further taxes the iPhone battery. Before we finished the front nine, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the phone was almost fully charged. So far, so good.

Portable Power by EnerPlex: First Look
Solar power on the course

Fast forward to the wood line. While on an overnight backpacking trip, I strapped the Kickr IV to the back of my Osprey backpack. One thing I almost always forget to do is charge my Garmin Tactix GPS watch the night before moving out. It’s a bad habit, I know. Having served as an RTO for a short time while in the 75th Ranger Regiment, I should know better. With the EnerPlex Kickr IV lashed to the back of my pack, I was able to connect the Garmin USB cord to the solar panel and stuff the GPS watch into the top pocket of my pack while getting topped off by good ‘ole Mother Nature. Sure enough, within 2 hours, my Garmin battery was registering 100%. When not in use, the EnerPlex Kickr IV conveniently folds up and is easily stored in any flat pocket of a backpack (or golf bag).

Portable Power by EnerPlex: First Look
Solar power on the move

EnerPlex Kickr IV specs courtesy of

  • Unfolded: 774mm(30.5″)/185mm(7.3″)/2mm(0.08)
  • Folded: 225mm(8.8″)/185mm(7.3″)/2mm(0.08″)
  • Weight: 292.9g (.65 lb)
  • Power: 6.5 Watts Unregulated/6.0 Watt, 5 Volt System Regulated
  • Solar Cell Type: CIGS
  • Output: 1.2 Amps (USB Port)
  • Color: Black or Multicam
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • MSRP: $99.99

The Jumpr Slate 5k is another handy item I received from EnerPlex. This .3″ thin 5100 mph Li-Po battery that fits into a binder was just what I needed while recently attending a long range shooting class. During the course of training, students were required to make several calculations for ranging targets as well as utilize ballistic calculation apps to plot shooting solutions. This modern technology is fantastic and it takes most of the guess work out of shooting at extended ranges. Add a moving target and wind to the mix and the math starts to get pretty serious. Ballistic calculators speed up the process but the constant use will drain the battery on your phone.

Portable Power by EnerPlex: First Look
EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5k

With integrated binder holes, the EnerPlex Jumpr Slate IV found a new home in my long range data book. It clipped right into the binder taking up minimal space and weight while providing the back up power needed to keep my iPhone charged all day. EnerPlex advertises that the Jumpr Slate 5k will extend smartphone battery life by 200-300%. It even has a built in orange micro-USB cord in addition to the USB output that you can plug just about anything into. Battery status is easily monitored on the bottom control panel where you’ll also find the input and output plugs along with the power button.

Portable Power by EnerPlex: First Look
Jumpr Slate 5k control panel

EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5k specs courtesy of

  • Product Dimensions: 170.0mm(6.69″)/95.0mm(3.74″)/7.5mm(0.3″)
  • Weight: 199g (.441 lbs)
  • Battery Capacity: 5,100 mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer
  • Recharge By: Micro-USB
  • Input: Micro-USB
  • Output: USB Port/Tethered Micro-USB
  • Power Output: 1A/2.4A
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • MSRP: $54.99

Both the EnerPlex Kickr IV and the Jumpr Slate 5k are just the tip of the iceberg however. Take a look at the EnerPlex website and discover all the products that allow you to bring your wired devices to the field. From simple iPhone battery cases to a gas free 1200 Wh generator and solar panel infused backpacks, you’re sure to find a solution to get your “fix” while away from home.

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