PrecisionThe precision of a measurement system, related to reproducibility and repeatability, is the degree to which repeated measurements under unchanged conditions show the same results.” – Wikipedia 

The cockpit of an aircraft is a wall of precision dials, gauges, meters and displays. Each one with a specific purpose. Measuring fuel quantity, altitude, airspeed, rate of climb, bank angle, etc. All critical to the safe operation of flight. Equally paramount to safe flying is time management. Making the watch you choose to wear on your wrist just as important. And that’s why I chose the Air Stryk II from MTM Special Ops Watches. Fortunately, this is one precision instrument that I can take with me after each flight.

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A bold and beautiful timepiece, the Air Stryk II embodies its aviation heritage. Cut from a solid piece of titanium, the massive 45mm case remains as light as 5.5 oz. And topped with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal for added protection. Additional supplemental information can be viewed on the dual backlit digital displays. Never interrupting the time keeping duties of the smooth and reliable Swiss analog movement. Great for travelers is the 58 City pre-defined timezone feature. A few quick pushes of a button and you’ll be dialed in to your destination time zone. Lastly, a back up digital compass is available if all else fails in navigation. These features make the Air Stryk II the perfect companion for pilots and travelers alike.

Precision Timepiece | MTM Air Stryk II
Cockpit instrumentation

I have several vices. And watches are clearly one of them. With a penchant for large faced bold timepieces, I can say the MTM Air Stryk II rates among my favorite. Offering 3 case colors, 8 face designs and more than 30 watch bands, MTM gives you options. Making the Air Stryk II one of the most customizable watches in the MTM line-up. Allowing the customer to design a watch for almost any occasion. Don’t want it to look too tactical? Try a silver case and band, or a white face. Want to be a Ninja? Opt for the DLC coated black case with a carbon fiber face. Then top it off with one of several black watch bands options. What I’m saying is, if you can’t find a combination that suits your needs, you’ve got issues.