When you’re out in the woods, it seems the one thing you never have quite enough of is light.  Either it’s not strong enough, focused enough or just not where you need it.  Princeton Tec is constantly working to make the best, brightest and lightest light you’ll find, so you won’t ever be stuck in the dark.

Princeton Tec Impulse | A Lightweight Headlamp for your Hat

Lately I’ve been checking out their Impulse, a micro light powered by 2x 2016 lithium coin cell batteries.  The juice is funneled through a single ultrabright white LED, generating 10 lumens of light for nocturnal errands.  Besides the 14g weight, the notable part of this package is the removable back half.  You can swap out a carabiner style pocket clip for a hat clip in a matter of seconds, giving you the ability to keep your light right where you want it at all times.

Princeton Tec Impulse | A Lightweight Headlamp for your Hat

Runtime for the Impulse is pretty impressive, with 36 hours of continuous usage on “blink” mode.  Speaking of modes, the Impulse has three: high, low and blink which flashes on-and-off about twice a second.  Water resistance is IPX4, which means some rain or the occasional brief dunk shouldn’t be much of an issue, but this isn’t designed to be waterproof.

Princeton Tec Impulse | A Lightweight Headlamp for your Hat

Lights are one of those things that seem like such a small accessory until you realize you don’t have enough.  Princeton Tec wants to keep you well supplied on such matters, which is why the Impulse can found online for $5-$6.  No reason not to have a couple stashed away in your ruck or your camping box.  Check it out!

Note, the Princeton Tec Sync was also included in my Hiking and Hunting gear list found here.


This article is courtesy of Rex Nanorum from The Loadout Room.

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