After a grueling training camp, you see your favorite fighter dominate in the ring or cage night in, night out. They’ve constantly managed to demolish the opposition, leaving them looking like an unstoppable force of a human. 

It makes you wonder how these modern-day gladiators prepare for an elite-level prizefight. How does an individual even begin to develop both the physical and mental fortitude for such a high-stakes contest that can end in humiliation or jubilation? 

Dear reader, we’re here to take you through the inner workings of a fighter’s training camp. I have gone through the rigorous process for amateur mixed martial arts fights, but these are the usual steps in all levels of competition. 

What Goes On In Training Camp

Many of you have seen training videos of elite fighters online. You see them jumping, hitting the bag, lifting weights, and doing other conditioning exercises, a lot of which are explosive. 

Yes, these are part of the usual training camp routine. But we will go on a deeper dive to paint a better picture of what happens. 

The Approach to Training Camp

The primary difference between training during the off-season and doing an actual camp is the purpose. Off-season training is about learning new skills and adding weapons to the arsenal. Camps are about further honing the existing tools in the shed.