As the temperatures drop now that we are into the month of December, maintaining your body core temperature becomes vitally important. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to wear a quality beanie. On average about 10% of body heat is lost through the head unless it is adequately insulated.

I’ve worn several different brands of beanies over the years; everything from polyester, synthetic, cotton, fleece and wool. The material I have found to work best is wool, whether that is 100% wool or a Merino wool. Merino wool tends to be more comfortable (less itchy). The nice thing about wool is that it can get soaking wet and still keep the temperature of your head regulated. Enter the PDW AG Watch Cap. Prometheus Design Werx has been putting out some great apparel for those that spend time outdoors, and they continue to impress with the AG Watch Cap.

From the PDW website:

Our watch caps are directly inspired from this style of cold weather headwear issued to USN Sailors, Seabees, Merchant Marines and other service members during WWII, and in the decades to follow. The PDW A.G. Watch Cap is made in a premium grade, soft, machine wash & dry, 100% merino sourced from a leading EU based supplier. Unlike other knit beanies being made in the USA today, which are simply tubes sewn closed at one end. Ours are a true fully shaped and knitted process produced on state of the art, computer controlled knitting machines based in California.