Are you a hunter, fisherman, love shooting guns, or are you just a general outdoors kind of person.  Have you been climbing down from somewhere and your wedding ring gets hung up on something and you say “whew that was a close one “?  Throw a QALO (Q-Quality, A-Athletics, L-Love, O-Outdoors) silicone ring on your finger and you need to worry no more.

QALO Silicone Rings: A durable comfortable wedding band alternative

I remember my instructor telling me on my first day on the flight line to put my wedding ring in my pocket.  He said it could get caught on something while I was preflighting and climbing all over the helicopter. Of course being much younger and obviously knowing way more than he did, I kept my ring on. That is until the one day when I saw someone get their finger caught while climbing down from the Chinook. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. From that day forward I always wore my ring around my dog tag chain.


It has been 18 years since that day at the flight line, and I am still crawling up and down helicopters. I am glad that I found QALO a few years ago. They have been in the silicone ring business since 2012 when two guys decided they hated their metal wedding bands and wanted an alternative that was comfortable and safe. These rings are awesome, I have a few that I rotate on a regular basis. I wear the camouflage if I am outdoors. The slate grey one most of the time on a daily basis. And for a night on the town, I will throw on the Pearl.  They have quite the selection of ring styles and colors for both men and women alike. They have a military discount as well as a First Responders discount, and their customer service is second to none.


QALO Silicone Rings: A durable comfortable wedding band alternative

If you are looking to replace that metal wedding band and want something stylish, comfortable and inexpensive, check out the line of QALO silicone rings.