Smith Drop Elite

I’m a sucker for a good quality pair of sunglasses that double as eye protection for shooting and other adventure related activities. We have previously reviewed the Smith Frontman Elite sunglasses. The Smith Frontman Elite are a do-it-all shield for your eyes. They provide ballistic protection whether you’re on the range, the battlefield, ripping down your favorite mountain bike trail, casting a perfect line out on the water, or grabbing a beer in the afternoon sun. You no longer need to have a separate pair of sunglasses for each activity or look a little too tacticool when you head out with your friends to the pub.

The Smith Drop Elite are equally as good as the Smith Frontman Elite, but with MilSpec protection and an increased protection around your eyes. I know of a few high profile firearms instructors that swear by these and wear them daily on the range year around. If they are good enough for them, then I have to give them a try. Plus they are pretty bad ass looking too (style points).

Quick Look: Smith Drop Elite Sunglasses
Smith Drop Elite Sunglasses. Photo courtesy of Smith.

From the Smith website:

Drop into a zone of unmatched clarity and MilSpec protection. The Drop Tactical re-engineers classic Smith lines to provide maximum coverage on the most fragile part of your face. Keep fast moving debris out of your eyes and look good while doing it.

Stay tuned for a more in depth hands on review!


*Featured image courtesy of Multicam Pattern Youtube Page