I want to personally thank Nick Irving for writing this piece for SOFREP; it’s an important topic and his perspective is extremely valuable.

In the Special Ops community racism and bias surely still exists but with far less frequency then what is still found in American society. One of the biggest gifts of being in a military unit is that it’s a mash of cultures, backgrounds, religion, and race, all playing for the same team. This environment does a lot to kill any inherent bias people drag around with them.



So thank you Nick, we’re all cut from the same cloth in Special Operations, you would have made a damn good SEAL, and I’m proud to call you a brother. 



I’m sure most have read the article by Blake Miles, “Race Relations in the Team Room.” I thought it was a great article that really helped shed some light on the type of individuals that make up our nation’s finest. After reading some of the comments and receiving emails asking for my input on what I thought about the topic, I was more than happy to give my perspective on race in our community.