I got my hands on Radian Weapons Model 1 rifle about five months ago and since that time, it has continued to redefine what I should expect out of the AR platform.  In my first impressions article, I went over the tech specs and detailed how the Model 1 performed on the first range day.  In subsequent trip to the firing line, this rifle has done nothing but continue to excel at what it does.  I’ve handed this rifle to other Rangers with significant combat and target shooting experience, as well as less experienced shooters and the result is the same: they handle the Model 1 with the same reverence you’d expect if King Arthur passed Excalibur around the table.  It is clear to all that this isn’t some kitchen table, low-budget build.  This may well be the pinnacle of the AR-15.

Radian Weapons Model 1 | The Pinnacle of the Species?
The Radian Model 1, photo courtesy of Radian’s website

A couple of things to mention before a sharp-eyed viewer notices some things are off in the photos.

  1. Yes, the buttstocks have been changed and will continue to be.  Nothing against Magpul’s excellent stocks, I just have more stocks needing to be tested and reviewed.
  2. Silencerco’s suppressor mount was removed in favor of an AAC 51t mount.  I have AAC suppressors left over from when I closed down my gun shop, I do not have any Silencerco cans.

Radian Weapons Model 1 | The Pinnacle of the Species?

I can say that this rifle is without a doubt far more accurate than I am.  I’ve always been a pretty fair shot, but my skill is usually in hitting the target once and quickly rather than shooting tight groups again and again.  I’ve put hundreds of rounds through this Model 1 and hitting the target quickly is not a problem.  This is a very well-balanced rifle. While doing some testing on Lucid optics’ P7 4x scope, I decided to put in some match ammo and check what kind of groups I could get.  The 100 yard range was shut down so I had to settle for a 25 yard lane.  At that distance, the center aiming dot more than covered the small circle I had drawn on the e-type silhouette.  Below are two of the 5 round groups I got with Nosler match ammo.  It is worth noting that Radian Weapons has a sub-MOA guarantee with Black Hills match ammo.

Radian Weapons Model 1 | The Pinnacle of the Species? Radian Weapons Model 1 | The Pinnacle of the Species?

I want to take the opportunity to cover some of the smaller details on this rifle again.

The Raptor-SD charging handle is effective at mitigating excessive gas blow-back into the shooters face.  I finished a string of fire using cheap russian ammo and realized for the first time in a long time I wasn’t in a toxic cloud.

Radian Weapons Model 1 | The Pinnacle of the Species?