The former leader of NATO has implored nations to demonstrate repercussions to China if it decides to launch an attack on Taiwan.

Everyone who has faith in a democratic Taiwan and a global arrangement based on regulations ought to endeavor to guarantee Ukraine’s triumph. It is up to Ukraine and Taiwan’s people to determine their destiny, so the free world should give them our backing.

During his excursion to Taiwan on Thursday, Jan. 5, the former secretary-general of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen remarked that democracies should make it unmistakable that China would suffer intense financial repercussions should it attempt to encroach on the self-governed nation.

“Any attempt by China to change the status quo in Taiwan by force should spark an equally unified response, and we must make this clear to China now,” he said.

Taiwan Flag
Taiwan Flag (Source: ironypoisoning/Flickr)

Despite Taiwan’s disapproval of Chinese sovereignty, Beijing has been intensifying its efforts to demonstrate its ownership of the island in the last three years, including frequent military aircraft activity close to its borders.

“China is far more reliant on global supply chains than Russia. Spelling out the severe economic consequences of any attack now would be a powerful deterrent”, he said, adding he believed that Chinese President Xi Jinping was watching closely how the war in Ukraine pans out.

At the press conference in Taipei, Rasmussen stated that if China attempts to alter the present circumstance in Taiwan by force, a unified reply should be made, which has to be communicated to China without delay.

He explained that China is highly dependent on international trading networks compared to Russia. He pointed out that showing extreme financial harm from any offensive action would be highly effective in preventing it. He believes Chinese President Xi Jinping is paying close attention to the developments of the war in Ukraine.

Flag of China
Flag of People’s Republic of China (Source: Qilei Cai/Wikimedia Commons)

The People’s Republic of China has declared that it will use force to incorporate Taiwan into its control. Conversely, Taiwan has asserted that only its citizens have the right to decide upon their own destiny and that the claims of Beijing are baseless since they have never held authority over the island.

Rasmussen suggested that European nations could participate in drills with the Taiwanese military, which relies primarily on weaponry developed domestically and by the US.

Those who are devoted to a democratic Taiwan and a system of global governance based on laws should strive to make sure Ukraine succeeds. It is up to the citizens of Ukraine and Taiwan to decide their respective destinies, so the free world must extend them assistance.

Rasmussen was a Danish politician and the former Secretary General of NATO. He served in this role from August 2009 to October 2014. During his tenure, he was credited with strengthening diplomatic ties between the US and the European Union and successfully managing international conflicts such as Libya and Afghanistan.