The US Air Force is all set with its newest high-energy laser weapons system to fortify defenses against airborne security threats and take the forefront in the global military arms race.

Speaking of other literally high-speed Air Force projects, the USAF is developing a Mach 5 Monster poised to smash speed records held by the venerable SR-71 Blackbird. 

US defense giant Raytheon Technologies recently promoted its latest state-of-the-art high-energy laser (HEL) technology for air defense and counter-UAS ( unmanned aerial systems) at the recently-concluded International Defense and Exhibition Conference (IDEX) 2023 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

IDEX 2023 is dubbed as “the only international defense exhibition in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea, and air sectors of defense… (establishing) relationships with government departments, businesses, and armed forces throughout the region, (and providing) solutions provide solutions against pressing issues in the world defense sector.

According to Raytheon’s director of requirements and capabilities, Jeff Newsom, the aerospace defense company developed a “relatively new technology for air defense and counter-UAS,” and its HEL technology is the first operational system that has real hours behind it.”

Newsom explained that the system has 25,000 operational hours, over 400 other drone defeats, and an existing licensing for its HEL technology in over 45 countries, including several in the Middle East.

US Defenses Are Now Ready With High Energy Laser Technology

RTX Intelligence and Space engineering director and chief engineer for high-energy laser weapon systems Justin Martin said that the leading US defense and aerospace giant has moved well beyond more basic science and technology projects and is now ready for the US defense with its HEL technology.

 “We’re producing HEL weapon systems, we’re deploying HEL weapon systems, and we’re putting them in the hands of our soldiers to beat these real threats that they’re facing today. It’s critically valuable that we’ve gained the experience of deploying laser weapons systems overseas and have accumulated approximately 25,000 hours with impressive reliability. We’ve got a lot of systems doing a lot of work and about 400 successful engagements at this point in time.”

“Because of that experience and soldier feedback, these systems are ready now. We’ve got the factory to produce them and demonstrated their effectiveness against the threats. We’ve also trained the soldiers operating these systems, who we call laser gunners, and proven that they can use these systems effectively.”