In every pistol class that we’ve done, the students as well as instructors ask, “How do you carry concealed?”  Everyone has a different answer. Whether they are a member of the special operations community, competition pistol shooter, LE or civilian, just about everyone has a different point of view. Some carry positions are better than others, and some have some really good explanations as to why they carry a certain way concealed.

To be honest, I carry in just about every position, I think it’s all mission-dependent. With that said and after talking with the guys, I thought I would share a few of their viewpoints with you, and hopefully help you understand the advantages of carrying a concealed weapon (pistol) in a certain position on your person.

The 12-1 o’clock position

I’ve never really carried this way until I attended a combative pistol course put on by Travis Haley.  This course was more than a “can you shoot” course. It was a thinking man’s course that forced you to think under various stressful situations.

Having a background in the PMC community, carrying a concealed pistol while protecting a U.S. diplomat was of the norm. Although, I never really thought to myself, “Why am I carrying it this way and not the other?”, I knew that I was faster carrying it in the 12-1 position as it allowed me to close less distance from my hands to waist while in the relaxed position. Although I really like the 12-1 position for what it has to offer ergonomically, I find it a little uncomfortable while in the seated position.

The 4:30/5 o’clock position

I personally use the 4:30/5 position 90% of the time.  For the average walking around, meet and greet, etc. day, this is what feels comfortable to me. It doesn’t get under my rib cage, print, or make me look unnatural when driving in a car or sitting. This is my preferred position for average everyday carry. It may not be as great the 12-1 o’clock when it comes to ergonomics, but when looking at the disadvantages of the other, this is what fits right for me at this current time.

The 6 o’clock position

When talking with a few special operations members during a course as to why they neglected to carry in the 6 o’clock position, the majority, if not all, said they don’t carry in this position due to the unnatural movements and the possibility of being in a hand to hand combat/CQB situation.

One of the members said, “What if you enter a room, or you’re in your local store, and a guy decides to start a fist fight with you? He’s set out on fighting you. The majority of all fist fights turn into a grappling match, end up on the ground or pinned against a wall. If your back is pinned against the wall or against the ground and the guy is in the dominant position, your main focus is on defending your face and vitals. Reaching to the rear exposes the vitals. Reaching to the rear and grabbing your carry while pinned against a solid object…that’s another beast you have to consider. Time, lack of maneuverability, etc., are just a fraction of the things you have to consider.”

I can totally agree with this! I’m not saying that carrying in the 6 is a NO GO, as it is all mission dependent, but this is something I would definitely consider!