The use of a sling has been proven to be beneficial to a shooter’s accuracy since the invention of the rifle. Slings are as much a part of the history and lore of our country as the rifle itself, and they have evolved alongside our rifles over the last few hundred years. Today, there are dozens if not hundreds of sling manufacturers, with only a few major styles. Slings can be broken down into these groups: the traditional two point sling, single point sling, three point sling, and what I like to refer to as hybrid slings.

We will be taking a closer look at two slings that fit the hybrid category, the C1 & C2 Tactical Slings from Red Rock Outdoor Gear. I refer to them as “hybrid” because they can be used as a traditional two point sling, or as a single point sling. Recently you may have noticed that we featured several other pieces of Red Rock Outdoor Gear here at The Load Out Room. Nicholas Irving did a review of the Deluxe Rifle Backpack, which he praised for its comfort, and durability. The Summit Daypack was featured by Robert McCartney, also passing its series of tests and evaluations. Most recently, Robert tested two other slings both made by Red Rock Outdoor Gear. So you can see a trend forming. We like their gear and we are not gentle with it.

Red Rock Slings - Head to Head
C2 Sling on top , C1 shown on bottom

In order to perform any comparison or laboratory type tests, you need to create a neutral examining field to evaluate both slings with a known quantity or condition equally. During the evaluation, the control variable used to test both the C1 and the C2 was an AR-15 rifle. The rifle was outfitted with 11 oz YHM3100 Sound Suppressor, an Eotech 512 optic, and a loaded thirty round Lancer polymer magazine. The AR-15 came it at 9.6 lbs according to the most accurate scale I own. I attached the rifle to each sling, separately, and carried it over the same 3.5 mile course. This is also a similar distance used during an offset infiltration onto a high value targets’s (HVT) location. I used my Garmin GPS to ensure I stayed on the same course. As I said, the only independent variable was the sling used in order to ensure an efficient and equal test. Lets take a look at the specifications.

Red Rock Slings - Head to Head
AR-15 as Industrial Control during evaluations

C1 Tactical Sling: