Grand Power has been called the best pistol you’ve never heard of.  As a fan of their guns that has been raving about them for years I take offense to that.  As you’ve seen in our article on the Q100 I have a small collection of Grand Power pistols and that’s for good reason, they’re awesome.  Recently we took the K-100 out for a range revisit and reminder of why we like the gun.

The K-100 is the work-horse of the lineup.  Duty-gun sized including the capacity and user comfort that comes with the sedans of the pistol world.  Specs can be found on the product page.

If you’re not familiar with Grand Power one of the things that makes them different is the rotating barrel.  Forget the claim about low bore axis, I think even Remington claimed that with their RP9.  The real benefit of the rotating barrel is the absence of the lock-up clunk.  Everyone who’s shot a Glock knows what I’m talking about.  Tilting barrels require right-angle pieces of steel to pass over one another.  This increases perceived recoil with abrupt shifts in weight and spikes in linear energy transfer.  That simply doesn’t happen with a rotating barrel.

Why don’t more handguns feature this?  Cost.  More machining is required and to an arguably higher degree of accuracy for the Grand Power design.  This means it costs more to make, and often that cost is passed to the consumer.  I’m okay with that because Grand Power pistols are not meant for those wanting the quick and easy.  Grand Power is the line shooters graduate to once they’ve learned enough to appreciate the finer things in a gun.

Speaking of finer things, a steel chassis inside the frame and four back straps that actually change the feel of the gun have been Grand Power features for years not months.  If you’d like to learn more about these beautiful guns you can either visit the Eagle Imports website, or watch the informative video below.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.