Condoleezza Rice reportedly criticized former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld  in an email to Colin Powell for his handling of the war in Iraqaccording to emails seen by Buzzfeed News.

“First, we didn’t invade Iraq to bring democracy — but once we overthrew Saddam, we had a view of what should follow,” Rice said in an email from 2015, Buzzfeed reported.

She was responding to an email form Powell which linked to comments made by journalist Bob Woodward, who rebutted Rumsfeld’s claims that he was always skeptical about the country’s efforts to promote democracy in Iraq.

“If Don and the Pentagon had done their job (after claiming the rights to lead post-war rebuilding—things might have turned out differently).”

“Don should just stop talking,” she added. “He puts his foot in his mouth every time.”

Powell said in his response that “the boys in the band were brain dead.”

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