The Rogue Stash Tag. When I came across this in my Facebook feed, I was instantly drawn to the concept of this ‘luggage tag.’ The one thing I’m always lacking when traveling are those damn luggage tags for my bags; whether it’s for my checked baggage or my carry on. Having a luggage tag, or as Rogue Dynamics now provides, a stash tag, you can conceal some simple escape tools and extra cash. You can also use this on your key ring to stash a spare house key, extra cash and some smaller escape and evasion tools. The name of the game with E&E tools is layering. Being able to add this simple layer to your loadout only increases your chances of escape and survival.

I carry a Vertx EDC Sling bag everyday, so I’m going to pick up one to replace the large Vertx ccw zipper grab handle with. I’ll be sure to post some updated pictures once I have my stash tag on the bag and what I put inside the stash tag.

The Rogue Stash Tag has a hidden pocket to conceal extra cash and a few escape and evasion tools.

Rogue Stash Tag | A Travelers E&E Kit

The outside of the stash tag is covered with velcro so that you can attach your favorite moral patch or identification patch.

Rogue Stash Tag | A Travelers E&E Kit

From Rogue Dynamics:

A few years back I sketched a design I never got around to making for folks to be able to rock their favorite morale patches as well as keep items on the down low. Recently I was able to share this design with another small business for production handmade in the US by SewStrong. On top of that we also shared the item with another small business friend over at Grylife. As you can see I overloaded the demo picture just to show how flat they stay even with larger items inside. I personally run a set of bogata picks and a few other item which leave a much smaller footprint.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.