Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky lambasted Russia’s UN Security Council Chairmanship, calling the rogue nation a “terrorist state” as it assumed its new role in the United Nations.

Zelensky described the United Nations’ awarding of the UNSC Chairmanship to Russia as both “ obviously absurd” and “destructive.”

“Terrorists must lose, must be held accountable for terror, and not preside anywhere, “said Zelensky in an official statement, referring to Russia’s new role in the UN Security Council.

“There is no such form of terror that has not yet been committed by Russia,” the Ukrainian President stressed.
Zelensky also expressed outrage at the Council’s choice of country to head its assembly.

“There will be no such reason that will stop the reform of global institutions, in particular, the UN Security Council. The reform that is clearly overdue – so that a terrorist state and any other state that wants to be a terrorist cannot disrupt the peace,”  he further pointed out.

The Ukrainian leader expressed dismay at the UNSC’s choice, saying, “it is hard to imagine something evident that proves the complete bankruptcy of such institutions.” 

“Today, the terrorist state began to chair the UN Security Council. Yesterday, the Russian army killed another Ukrainian child – a five-month-old boy named Danylo. From Avdiyivka, in Donbas, together with his parents who were injured. Russian artillery… One of the hundreds of artillery strikes that the terrorist state launches every day.  And at the same time, Russia chairs the UN Security Council.”

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is among the United Nation’s six principal organs. It is responsible for ensuring international peace and security, recommending new UN members to the General Assembly, and approving any changes to the UN Charter.

UNSC is authorized to establish peacekeeping operations, impose international sanctions, and authorize military action, the only UN body with authority to impose binding resolutions on member countries.