Russian forces are aggressively targeting Ukrainian regions with heavy civilian numbers overnight.

According to Emine Dzheppar, Crimean Tatar-Ukrainian journalist and First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Russia has continued to target Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv.

Nikopol Mayor Yevhen Yevtushenko confirmed that they had been shelled overnight. In the Nikopol region, they fired 60 rockets from BM-21 Grad self-propelled 122 mm multiple rocket launcher, damaging about 50 civilian houses.

Gov. Dmytro Zhyvytsky said three towns were shelled by Russian forces who launched 55 missiles in the region. Out of those, eight hit residential areas in Krasnopilska.

According to reports, Russian forces are still pushing to gain traction after the devasting defeat in Kherson. Ukraine intelligence reported that Russia’s creating a counterstrike group in the Kryvyi Rih direction. This allows Russian forces to redirect their attention to cities and towns that have fewer Ukrainian Ground Forces.