As the Russian forces continue to target and bomb civilian infrastructure and non-combatants as it presses on its invasion of Ukraine, the cities of Vinnytsia and Mariupol had been the subject of Russian advances together with the city of Irpin, which had earlier been reported to be under attack from mortar shells, killing a Ukrainian family with children.

As a result, more war crimes and other violations may be charged against Russia by the International Criminal Court, which had begun a formal investigation into these accusations. Evidence of these crimes is prevalent in the online realm, where social media has played a vital role in documenting and reporting what has been happening on the ground. However, this has also led to massive propaganda initiatives from both sides of the conflict, making it difficult to verify photographs and videos circulating online independently.

Vinnytsia’s Havryshovka Airport Destroyed

Video footage from CNN published last March 7 showed a Russian missile flying towards a Havryshivka International Airport in Vinnytsia, a mere 124 miles from the capital Kyiv. Reports surfaced after revealing that over 8 Russian rockets were launched at the site, destroying the airport’s major structures. The bombardment reportedly killed nine individuals, with six more injured. It’s important to note that these reports could not be independently verified at the time of writing. In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sent out an urgent video message after the attack.

“8 missiles. Against our city, against our peaceful Vinnytsia, which has never posed a threat to Russia. In any way. They continue total destruction of our infrastructure, our life built by us, our parents and grandparents, generation of Ukrainians,” said Zelensky in his video message.