Russia just up and left its second most important city, St. Petersburg.

In the satellite images procured by Finnish outlet Yle, Russia’s anti-aircraft missile bases were almost emptied earlier this month.

Movement around the region’s military base has been monitored over the months, and satellite images show Russia pulling out its missiles and other artillery from St. Petersburg. The images also showed that mobile firing platforms were moved from the Zelenogorsk (Terijoki) area on the Karelian Isthmus, northwest of St. Petersburg.

Russia has not made these movements public, but the images clearly show how they have emptied all of the equipment in the region. Military Expert Maj. (Ret.) Marko Eklund told Yle that he has been monitoring Russian armed forces for twenty years and that this could imply Russia’s trying to push their anti-aircraft missiles on the frontlines. As for whether this would weaken St. Petersburg’s air defenses, Eklund said this would not have a big dent since these armaments were probably old.

The area of this 500th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment battery appears to be completely abandoned. (Source: Google Earth Aug. 2021)