Russia’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has stated that the Geneva Conventions will not be applied to the two Americans captured by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, leading many to believe that Russia will treat the two Americans as hired mercenaries instead of volunteers for the Ukrainian International Legion.

Last week, SOFREP reported that three American volunteers were thought to be missing or captured by Russia in Ukraine. Three former US servicemen, namely Alexander Drueke (39, Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Andy Huynh (27, Tennessee Valley, Alabama), and Grady Kurpasi (49, Wilmington, North Carolina), were fighting against Russians in Ukraine till they were reported to be missing.

However, both Drueke and Huyne are now known as captives by pro-Russian forces in Donbas after their squad in the International Foreign Legion encountered Russian troops some 30 miles northeast of Kharkiv. On the other hand, Kurpasi has not been heard from since April 28 after an encounter with Russian forces near Kherson on April 26.

Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh, two former US servicemen, captured in Ukraine by Russians (El Diario). Source:
Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh, two former US servicemen, were captured in Ukraine by Russians (El Diario/Twitter)

Drueke and Huyne were photographed on the back of a Russian military truck, with their hands tied to their backs. No bruises or visible wounds were observed. Later, they were used by Russia for propaganda as they were paraded on a Russian state-controlled television network, RT or Russia Today. It was revealed that they were held in Donbas while seemingly making anti-Ukraine statements, possibly against their will.