It’s no secret that Russia has sent conscripts to fight their invasion of Ukraine, contributing partially to their failure to secure and invade major cities during the first phase of the offensive. Reports have surfaced that there was another factor that contributed to their ineffectiveness on the battlefield—inexperienced Russian-backed Donbas conscripts.

According to a report by Reuters, military conscripts from the Russian-backed Donbas region were sent into the frontlines with no training, a low supply of food and water, and were armed with Mosin-Nagant rifles from the 1800s. Several unverified photos and videos show that these conscripts were armed with bolt action Mosin-Nagant rifles from 1891 and other rifles from 1943. Similar reports from Luhansk also surfaced; however, these were also unverified.

For context, the Mosin-Nagant rifles were first developed in 1882 and were then used by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in various conflicts, including World War I and World War II. The last time it was produced was reportedly in 1973.

A conscript was reported to say that using the rifle was “like we’re fighting with World War Two muskets,” adding, “I hate the war. I don’t want it, curse it. Why are they sending me into a slaughterhouse?”