It is not a secret that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not going Russia’s way, at least in the Western world. The majority of Russians seem to be behind a new iron curtain, as many were shocked to find out that their invasion of Ukraine had gone horribly wrong when retired Russian Colonel Mikhail Khodaryonok went on live Russian television and admitted that the invasion was not going to favor Russia in any way.

During a Russian TV talk show “60 Minutes” on the Rossiya Network, Khodaryonok said that “the situation for us will clearly get worse,” adding that people should not take “informational sedatives” regarding the events that have transpired in Ukraine.

“You need to study each case from the general strategic position and ideally considering the prospects for the nearest future,” Khodaryonok said. “But first, I should say you shouldn’t take informational sedatives.”

“Sometimes you hear reports about a moral psychological breakdown in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, that their mood is allegedly close to a crisis. To put it mildly, this is not true,” he added.

This is the first time a Russian officer who had served in their military has gone out in public, essentially saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine and propaganda machine are wrong. He did not say they were spewing lies to the public, but he did directly say that reports of the Ukrainians having a “crisis” were untrue, and he wouldn’t be wrong either. These statements reportedly left the panel attending the show quite speechless.