With Russia turning up the nuclear weapons rhetoric on the backdrop of their invasion of Ukraine, it has now been revealed that the carrier of Putin’s nuclear briefcase has been shot dead in his home in Krasnogorsk, Moscow.

Retired Colonel and Former Head of the Department of the Central Customs Administration Vadim Zimin, a top Russian official, has been rushed to the hospital, where he receives intensive care. He is currently in critical condition because of the gunshot. Vadim Zimin was primarily responsible for carrying Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear briefcase (also known as the “Cheget” in Russia). 

Zimin, 53, had been serving with the Federal Security Service for years until he left for the Russian customs service. He first carried the briefcase containing Putin’s nuclear launch codes during former Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s administration. He would keep this role till Vladimir Putin came into power in 2000.

As of writing, SOFREP cannot obtain additional details of his death because of heavy Russian censorship. However, it is known that he was shot on June 20. The retired Russian colonel was discovered lying on his kitchen floor with a bullet in his head. Blood covered the kitchen floor, where his brother found him near death.