As we have covered the war in Ukraine, bringing our readers the intricate details of what’s been going on with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s no secret that there has been widespread dissent within the Russian military. A recently surfaced intercepted audio recording shows two Russian colonels blatantly criticizing and cursing Russian President Vladimir Putin for their invasion of Ukraine.

The audio, which Radio Free Europe first posted, shows two Russian colonels discussing the current state of the war in Ukraine. Needless to say, they did not hold back their tongues.

“Shoigu is completely f*cking incompetent. Just a f*cking showman, for f*ck’s sake,” one Russian colonel said. “This [General Alexander] Dvornikov is a f*cking legend. He’s a complete and utter imbecile, just an imbecile,” he added. “He’s a f*cked up, brainless f*cking idiot.”

“Even if they hit the wrong f*cking place, let them be f*cking scared, shoot the f*cking train stations, shoot the f*cking railways, for f*ck’s sake,” he said. “A f*cking rocket should fly into the Verkhovna Rada [Ukraine’s Parliament] in Kyiv. That’s it, f*ck it. Why didn’t [a rocket] fucking fly? I don’t f*cking get it, you’re f*cked, Putin—motherf*cker!” said another Russian colonel.