In a significant escalation of conflict dynamics in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, a Russian drone reportedly struck a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet at a distance of approximately 50 miles from the nearest reported Russian position. This development suggests that Russia’s small attack drones have extended their operational range significantly, potentially altering the strategic landscape in the region.

Viral Video: Russian Drone Targets Ukrainian Fighter

The dramatic incident was captured in a video shared online, revealing the moment when a Lancet drone dropped explosives on the Ukrainian fighter jet while it was stationed on the tarmac at Dolgintsevo air base near Kryvyi Rih.

Forbes reported on the video’s authenticity, regardless of the skepticism of some observers, adding weight to the gravity of the situation.

The Mikoyan MiG-29, one of several in Ukrainian service, has sustained damage, but it may be repairable. However, the more pressing concern is the apparent enhancement of Russia’s “suicide” drones, which now seem capable of reaching distances of up to 45 miles.