No air superiority, no ground fighting superiority, and another Russian general dead. Retired Russian Major General Kanamat Botashev was reported to be shot down and killed in Ukraine while flying in a Su-25 fighter jet, Ukrainian intel and Russian Telegram discussion threads claim.

Community members on a Russian Telegram channel named “Fighterbomber” began to discuss a Russian General who died in Ukraine. In the comments sections of one particular message within the group, a user had revealed that Botashev had died flying across Popasna.

“Kanamat died today !!! Popasna District, 8:25… The first NAR event, the second – bombs… Stinger on the way out of the attack, an explosion in the air and… Everything,” the user said, claiming that a Stinger had brought down the fighter jet. Since then, the administrator of the group has deleted the comment.

The General Staff of Ukraine also confirmed the death of the Russian general, where they claimed that a SU-25 was shot down over Popasna as well.