Three months into the war in Ukraine, Russia lost a surprisingly high number of high-ranking military officials during the fighting. The Kremlin has yet again lost another general amid the line of fire. Major General Andrei Simonov is the 9th Russian general killed in Ukraine.

Simonov, the commander of Russia’s electronic warfare units in the 2nd Combined Arms Army, has been reported to be killed by the Ukrainians during a Ukrainian artillery strike near Izyum, Ukraine. The kill was reported by Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovych on a YouTube live stream, citing military sources. The Ukrainian National Guard also reported that the general had been killed.

At just 55, Simonov is the youngest Russian general to be eliminated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who have thus far made good use of Western intel to track these high-ranking Russian officials.

The general, a Kirov native who graduated from the Tomsk Higher Military Command School of Communications, was also reported to be the former cyber commander of the Western Military District.  The loss of the general in charge of cyber intelligence will be particularly galling to the Russian army and Putin.