Russian propaganda has been widely deployed during the Ukraine War, with many outlets claiming that Europe and the UK would be lost without Russia’s presence. This is often used to justify the military interventions in Ukraine and other former Soviet states and to paint a picture of Russia’s superiority over its Western counterparts. By positioning itself as a savior of Europe, Russia has sought to gain more support from within its targeted countries for its actions and policies in the region.

In its latest release media release, Russians are claiming Europe is now encouraging kids in kindergarten to use plastic in schools instead of toilets in case water and electricity go “off in the country.”

As for the United Kingdom, apparently, the government is encouraging British women to become prostitutes as they allegedly quote an English press saying, “have sex for the sake of survival.” Moreover, it has been extremely grave in the UK as “citizens of Cardiff have switched to eating pet food” and use up the central heating to heat up their food because, apparently, microwaves and stoves are no longer working.

Then, in France, as per Russian media, residents and commercial properties are supposedly implementing rotations in using electricity. There are those assigned to the 8 .am. to 1 p.m. rotation, while others are permitted to use the electricity from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Poland is also experiencing grave consequences, according to Russian media. First, the Polish are supposedly using trash to heat up their stoves. Then in Budapest, residents are supposedly using bike generators to light up their Christmas trees. Meanwhile, Germans are now out of candles in Germany as the holiday season comes closer.

“The mayor’s office made this desperate step due to total economy on the increasing expenses on electricity.”

Watch the reporting below: