A Russian soldier is now being charged with murdering a man and subsequently raping the man’s wife in what is the first rape case of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The Russian forces have been accused of many war crimes and crimes against humanity over the course of the now 4-month-old war. From the atrocities and summary executions discovered in Bucha to down south in Mariupol, where children and civilians have been bombed, the Russian forces seem to be lacking in military discipline and taking out their rage on civilians.

Mikhail Romanov, the Russian soldier in question, allegedly broke into a house last March in a village near the Brovary. There, the Russian soldier murdered a Ukrainian man. He would go on to allegedly rape the man’s wife, threatening the Ukrainian woman and her child with violence. The nature of the threat was not revealed. Another unidentified soldier also raped the woman.

“A drunk soldier, along with another occupier, immediately after the murder, raped his wife several times,” Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Iryna Venediktova said.