Following Russia’s withdrawal from Kyiv Oblast, the Ukrainians secured Hostomel, Bucha, and Irpin in the process. As of writing, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have secured their country all the way to the Belarussian-Ukrainian border and secured the Chernihiv region.

However, when Ukrainian troops recaptured Bucha, a city about 20 miles northwest of Kyiv, they were shocked as dead civilians lined the city. This puts Russia at the center of global outrage. They are accused of killing civilians in mass executions and other war crimes.

Dead Ukrainians which were allegedly burned. It is unknown whether they were lit up while they were alive or after they had been killed (Kyiv Post). Source:
Dead Ukrainians were allegedly burned. It is unknown whether they were lit up while they were alive or after they had been killed (Kyiv Post/Twitter)

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, authorities found a metal garage that was burnt, and in it was half of a woman’s body. The woman’s face was nowhere to be found, but her head was still intact, with the top of her skull detached. Her torso was also found burnt. In total, about 280 bodies were found so far by local authorities in a series of mass graves. Another report by Sky News quoted Bucha’s Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk stating that 300 residents were killed by the Russian forces. Reuters reported that 421 civilian casualties were found in the areas near Kyiv. However, this number could be far higher. Sky News and other news outlets such as Reuters verified the reports of mass graves but could not agree on an exact number of dead individuals.

Furthermore, reports say that the Russians prevented a number of corpses from being laid to rest. As a result, the bodies decomposed, with Ukrainian soldiers seeing that dogs had been feeding on a number of dismembered corpses. This confirms an earlier story by SOFREP where it was also reported that dogs were eating Russian corpses and that the Russians had eaten the dogs unknowingly.

Dead Ukrainians tied up and shot, seemingly in a summary execution fashion (Kyiv Post). Source:
Dead Ukrainians were tied up and shot, seemingly in a summary execution fashion (Kyiv Post/Twitter)

These Ukrainian civilians were reportedly killed without provocation. The Russians had tied their hands together and were shot in the back of the head as if it was summary execution.

A video posted by the brother of Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir, showed the dead bodies in the city and also claimed that the Ukrainians were shot in the head with their hands behind their backs. This was also confirmed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser, Oleksiy Arestovych. Furthermore, according to the Ukrainian soldiers, some of the dead bodies were booby-trapped with mines so that if Ukrainians tried to move the body, they would be killed.

SOFREP’s SITREP for April 3rd also showed the same situation through some exclusive photos we obtained from our sources in Ukraine. These photos showed that individuals were stripped to the waist and that some people’s hands were tied behind them with white tape. Furthermore, the Mayor of Motyzhin, Olga Sukhenko, was found dead along with her husband and child. As SOFREP reported, her husband was found in a storm drain all bloodied, indicating signs of torture.  There was also an unknown object(perhaps a belt) tightly around his neck, which may suggest that he was also choked.