Thank goodness for high-quality CCTVs.

In May, the Ukrainian authorities reported Russian soldiers who shot civilians in a private office. It happened during the height of the confrontation in Kyiv, and the main roads of the capital were blocked by live firing. Civilians have either evacuated miles from the city or remained in their homes and offices in fear of getting caught in the crossfires. Unfortunately for Leonid Pliats and his boss, they didn’t have the time to do either.

Order of Events

The Russians in full combat gear arrived with a stolen van with a “V” sign. They also added graffiti on the van with the words “Tank Spetsnaz.” The Russians surrounded the building and found Leonid and his boss.

The Russians entered the post office with their guns up, and fingers readied on the triggers. Leonid immediately walked toward them with his hands up to show he was unarmed. The Russians were seen trying to talk to him and his boss. Unfortunately, the CCTV images did not record any audio files, so we couldn’t verify what was being asked of them.

Initially, the conversation seemed calm. The soldiers even smoked. The Russians were seen getting a bag from the civilians and letting them out of the post office. And as Leonid and his boss started to turn away, the soldiers also started to leave.