More evidence that Russian soldiers do not want to fight in Ukraine is surfacing on social media. Ukraine’s Intelligence Agency has intercepted another conversation between a Russian soldier and his friend, where they discuss the soldier’s attempt to fake a marriage to go back home to Russia – which did not work since the soldier is believed to be in Ukraine now.

“The Russian occupiers are trying to make sham marriages to escape the war,” the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) wrote on Facebook, translated into English. “This is evidenced by telephone conversations of Russian invaders, which were intercepted by the SBU.”

While there is a number of credible reports of low morale within the Russian forces fighting in Ukraine, we highly suggest that our readers take this article with a grain of salt as all intercepted communication from the Russian forces cannot be verified.

The wiretapped conversation featured a supposed Russian soldier and his friend. The two were discussing how many have made unsuccessful attempts to be sent back home.