The Russians are at war on two fronts apparently, one in Ukraine and another in their own country against their own citizens. In multiple acts of defiance against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, six Russian military recruitment offices in different locations were attacked with Molotov cocktails, revealing a staunch resistance against their own government’s decisions.

The latest incident happened just a few days ago, on May 4, when two men in western Siberia had attacked a conscription office with Molotov cocktails somewhere in the city of Nizhnevartovsk at a time past midnight. One man had thrown seven Molotov cocktails through the window of the office, with his accomplice standing by behind him.

In the barrage fire of bombs, the office was set ablaze. Nobody seems to be inside the building. However, no official reports coming out of Russia can confirm this. Afterward, locals reported the fire to the police at 3:20 am, to which the suspects were later caught. The two men were later charged with “intentional destruction or damage to property” and “hooliganism” however, it does not seem that the two men were caught by authorities.

This attack comes with the annual enlistment season for Russian military service, as the Kremlin requires all men from the ages of 18 to 27 to serve in the military for two years. They are exempted if they have health conditions.

However, this is not an isolated case for the Russians. Five other military enlistment centers have been set on fire since the war started on February 24th. The first recorded case was near Moscow, specifically in the town of Lukhovitsky, some four days after the war started, where a 21-year-old had set fire to their local enlistment office. According to the defiant Russian, he wanted to destroy military archives to prevent Russian mobilization into Ukraine.