A Russian soldier who was allegedly deployed to Ukraine was detained last Saturday, April 9, after a video was posted on various social media platforms which clearly showed a baby being sexually abused by the soldier.

Based on reports, the soldier was arrested in Russia and not in Ukraine. This may mean that the sexual abuse may have been filmed before the invasion. It is also possible that he had been sent home during the war. It is also unknown whether he was actually deployed to Ukraine or not.

Here at SOFREP, we strive to be as objective with the known facts as we can. We resisted jumping on this story when it came out because the information on it was sketchy. Today, we lay out what information we could find regarding the situation to determine whether the videos were taken before the invasion, during, or after.

It was revealed that the soldier in question was Alexey Bychkov. According to users of the Vkontakte platform, Bychkov is a lieutenant from Russia’s military unit No.64044, a unit based in Pskov, Northwestern Russia. Internet users also revealed that he was said to be born in 1997 in Stavropol but currently resides in Krasnodar. These pieces of information were not from official documents and could not be verified.

According to a report done by Express UK, all Russian military units from Pskov were operating in Ukraine as per a statement by Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the 76th Guards Division of the Airborne Forces Yuri Sosedov.

The soldier had allegedly filmed and photographed himself conducting the sexual abuse and sent these to a fellow Russian soldier. From here, the videos and photos are spread online saying these events occurred in Ukraine. If true, it would have been the latest addition to the list of Russian war crimes that have been piling up since the invasion began.