In an apparent shortage of land-attack missiles, Russia’s K-300P Bastion-P missile system has allegedly been used in the invasion of Ukraine to destroy land-based targets despite it primarily being a coastal defense missile system.

In the video above, you will see three missiles fired by the K-300P Bastion-P system from an unknown location. Earlier sources have said that these missiles were fired from ships off of Sevastopol or Belarus. However, it was later revealed by H I Sutton (@CoverShores) that the Bastion-P had been launched from Western Crimea, with the trajectory going toward Odesa.

It remains unclear about what specific targets they were after. However, the Russian Defense Ministry did say that they had fired the missile to destroy weapons stockpiles owned by Ukraine, which were given by its Western allies. Later on, Sutton would post an update regarding the launch, where a strike north of Odessa was photographed. This would make sense as Russia had previously threatened to attack all weapons shipments going to Ukraine.

It can be remembered that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia would consider all arms supply to Ukraine as “legitimate targets” and warned that they could take military action against it. If a NATO member were carrying arms to Ukraine and Russia happened to shoot it down, it would mean that Russia had directly attacked a NATO member, thus escalating the conflict a hundred times over. NATO countries supplying Ukraine with armaments will most likely use ground transportation in the form of trucks and trains to do so, there is little chance these trucks and rail cars will be marked with “Arms For Ukraine” signs which means in order to interdict these supplies Russia would have to target every truck and train in the country which is an impossible task for them.

While we cannot be entirely sure, the missiles being been used may point to a communication facility in Odesa being the target. This is to hamper the Ukrainian forces’ effectiveness on the battlefield, as various military open-source intelligence online believe. This would also make sense as the Russian Defense Ministry had stated that they were going to destroy the Ukrainians’ radio, communications, and reconnaissance equipment before the launch of the missiles.