The United States and NATO have been directly involved in the Ukrainian conflict since the beginning, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Russian FM said that the West has become directly involved in the Ukraine conflict by supplying weapons and training its soldiers.

“You shouldn’t say that the US and NATO aren’t taking part in this war. You are directly participating in it,” Lavrov said in a video call with reporters. “And not just by providing weapons but also by training personnel. You are training their military on your territory, on the territories of Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries.”

Russia is said to be targeting crucial civilian infrastructure in Ukraine to reduce morale, cause Ukrainians to suffer during the winter, and compel the Kyiv government to accept Moscow’s terms for peace talks. He added that these Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian energy facilities and other critical infrastructure were intended to weaken Ukraine’s military potential and prevent the delivery of Western weapons.