Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has recently unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its fleet: a new two-seater stealth tactical fighter jet.

This innovative aircraft, developed based on the Su-30MK fighter jet, boasts fifth-generation features that promise to revolutionize modern aerial warfare.

Patented with advanced technology, could this aircraft redefine combat aviation?

This article delves into the technological innovations propelling this fighter to the forefront of modern aerial warfare, examining its features, capabilities, and potential impact on defense strategies.

New Patented Russian Stealth Fighter: Development and Features

Derived from the Su-30MK fighter, a two-seat supermaneuverable aircraft renowned for its multirole capabilities, this new stealth tactical fighter embodies the pinnacle of aviation advancement in Russia’s current arsenal.

Incorporating fifth-generation attributes, its most notable features include a significantly reduced radar cross-section, ensuring a diminished visibility level on the radar.

Moreover, the jet also achieves “super maneuverability,” just like the Su-30MK, enhancing its agility and responsiveness in various flight regimes—both supersonic and subsonic. This enhancement amplifies the aircraft’s aerodynamic characteristics, providing unparalleled performance in combat situations.

The patent filed by UAC describes the aircraft’s capability to expand its functionality through advanced info-communication interaction, amplifying its operations versatility.