Camouflage and camo netting is nothing new, but Saab Barracuda is breaking new ground and merged the classic camo net with new state of the art high tech materials to make vehicles nearly impossible for the enemy to spot.

US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is already deploying these new camouflage nets on operations and allows SOF teams to keep their light vehicles undercover but can instantly take off when the situation arises.

Ultra-high-tech merges with an old-school concealment classic to make U.S. special operations forces vehicles vanish before the eyes of an enemy.

Breakaway is being featured this week at the annual Association of the US Army (AUSA) conference, an exhibition of the latest in land warfare innovation held in Washington D.C. These nets are going like hotcakes, as SOCOM just received nine additional orders before the conference started.

These days, it is not nearly enough for camouflage nets to fool the naked eye.

Breakaway defeats all sorts of key sensors that an enemy may use to try to locate US forces. It can defeat an enemy scanning with the naked eye, but it will also keep the vehicle concealed when enemies are kitted up with thermal devices.

Broadband radar? No problem. Breakaway will not let it reveal the vehicles beneath the state of the art nets.

An enemy could try to locate US Special Operations teams with near infrared and shortwave infrared, but they’ll have no luck spotting their vehicles while shielded with the Breakaway camouflage.”