The USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean operates thousands of miles away from Orlando. But the brutal killings in Florida, committed in the name of the terror group ISIS, resonated with the 5,000 sailors on board the massive ship.

“What we’re doing here is about stopping that ideology from spreading around the world,” Truman pilot Paolo Singh, who has conducted some 150 missions, told me. “The more we can keep that from happening, the more I’m willing to keep on doing it.”

In fact, during some seven months at sea, the Truman’s jet fighters have dropped over 1,500 bombs on ISIS targets. During that time, they say, ISIS-held territory has been rolled back.

Reflecting on the Orlando attacks, Bret Batchelder, the Admiral of the Truman’s Carrier Group told us, “I would offer that we keep in mind that the fight that we’re fighting here is against people like that.” He added, “That makes it a fairly just cause.”