Two senior Saudi princes have been released after more than three weeks in detention as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s elite purge, according to sources.

Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, the former head of the National Guard, was released after being arrested as part of a crackdown on alleged corruption among senior Saudi officials.

Two Saudi sources close to the royal family confirmed to Middle East Eye that his brother, Prince Turki bin Abdullah, had also been released.

However, the sources said there may be conditions on the release; whether Miteb has the freedom to move or travel is still unclear.

Early on Wednesday, Reuters cited a Saudi official as saying that Miteb paid more than $1bn in a corruption settlement that led to his release.

Three other members of the royal family have also finalised similar agreements with the authorities, according to the official.

Last week, bin Salman told the New York Times that 95 percent of officials accused of corruption avoided arrest by agreeing to pay their ill-gotten cash to the state treasury. Bloomberg also reported that detained members of the royal family are negotiating financial settlements to secure their freedom.