Lets start off by defining what a Savage Gentleman is. My interpretation is that you are a Gentleman first, but have the ability and willingness to crank the dial to Savage to defend yourself, your family and those around you.

Do you have the ability? In order to be ‘combat effective’ as they say in the military you need to meet a few criteria. First off you need to be physically fit. I’m not talking about bodybuilding and hitting the gym 6 days a week, but you do need to be above average in order to give yourself an advantage. Being physically fit also gives you self-confidence which is needed by the Savage Gentleman.  I tend to mix up my workouts from time to time so that I do not get bored. I also do not belong to a gym or own a bunch of gym equipment. My workouts consist of body weight exercises and running, both of which can be done almost anywhere. Currently I am doing the ‘deck of cards’ workout that you can find out more about HERE. In addition to that I try to get out at least twice a week for a 3 mile run. You could also check out the Run Fight Run workout highlighted in the book 100 Deadly Skills (highly recommended).

Next up is some type of firearms training (if you carry concealed) along with edged weapons and hand-to-hand combatives. You can kill all three of these birds with a single stone by attending one of Kyle Defoor’s pistol courses. In his course you will gain valuable knowledge with your pistol shooting skills, edged weapons, and basic combatives. I’ve personally taken his 2 day pistol course and recommend it to anyone and everyone.