Could you have an unrecognized super power? For example, if you’re extraordinarily good at remembering faces, you may not even be aware of it. While most of us are okay at facial recognition, there are a very few whose skills classify them as ‘super-recognizers,’ according to NewStatesman.

If you had a super power that enabled you to fly, turn invisible, or climb buildings by throwing a sticky web-like substance from your wrists, you’d probably know that right off. Since facial recognition is a skill common to most of us, you might never know if you had a gift for it — unless someone came looking for it. And that’s how a small team of highly gifted super-recognizers was formed, who also happen to work for Scotland Yard.

The inability to recognize faces, called “prosopagnosia,” can result from brain trauma, but it can also be a developmental issue. It occurs in about two out of every 100 people, according to studies mentioned by NewStatesman. In some cases, people with diminished facial recognition cannot even recognize their own face in a mirror, let alone their family and friends. Prosopagnosia is more common than the reverse, those who can recognize a face years after a chance encounter and brief glance on the street. Super-recognizers can also match facial images of people they’ve never met but who have multiple photos on file.

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