Amid massive tank losses in Ukraine, Putin is now deploying old and outdated Russian T-62 tanks, signaling that the Kremlin might have no modern tanks to send to Ukraine after their vehicles have been made into smokin heaps by the Ukrainians.

Putin is running out of options and time real fast. With no real goals achieved in Donbas thus far, they are running out of tanks and armored vehicles to complete their so-called “liberation” of Donbas. Deploying their T-62s, tanks that are largely relegated as reserves, it is obvious that Russia no longer has the capability to provide new, more modern tanks for its men.

The Ukrainian General Staff also announced the spotting of the old tank on the battlefield, stating that Russian troops had incurred the destruction of 6 tanks in just the past 24 hours, forcing them to use damaged military equipment to continue with their operation.

“As a result of combat losses, the enemy is forced to remove T-62 tanks from storage to equip backup battalion tactical groups, formed to send to Ukraine. In addition, damaged and recovered equipment is used to make up for the losses of arms and military equipment.”