As President Trump and new Republican majorities move into Washington, gun owners are hoping for change.  Like barnacles on a ship bottom, the accretion of ineffective gun laws has clogged the exercise of Second amendment rights,  Silencer Co and other firearms industry have advocated the deregulation of suppressors.

Suppressors are not often used in crimes and they aren’t  prohibited by federal law.  Their purchase requires a background check, a $200 check and a wait of up to six months. Hearing loss while shooting is sad and unnecessary.  The pending Hearing Protection Act may just make Americans hear again.

SilencerCo’s CEO Joshua Waldron recently had the opportunity to meet with a prominent public figure of the 2016 presidential race: Donald Trump Jr. He sat down with Mr. Trump to discuss issues that hit close to home for all of us and to get an up-close, personal look at what his father would fight for should he win the presidency.

We can only hope that freedom blossoms and unconstitutional laws are set aside.


This article is courtesy of Mark Miller from The Arms Guide.