In mid-March 2016, the Secret Service started shopping for a firearm to replace or supplement its fleet of H&K MP5s (below) and FNP90s (top).
Here’s the civilian-legal FN PS90.

H&K MP-5
H&K MP-5

I’ve met and known a few of the agents, and to the person they’re hard working, dedicated and decent—so I’m glad an upgrade is in the works. Of course, not everyone will agree it’s going to be an improvement. I’ll let you decide.

“A March 14 Solicitation Request posted on FedBizOpps.govannounced specifications for the new gun. Those submitted for consideration must meet the following dimensional requirements: maximum height 8.5″ (without accessories), 10″- to 12″ barrel with a 1:7″ RH rifling (5.56 NATO), weight of 7.5 lbs. or less, overall length (extended) of no more than 34″, direct-gas-impingement or short-stroke piston operation and ambidextrous fire-controls that select from safe, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Firearms with a “burst limiter” will not be considered for the 10,000-rifle contract.

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